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"Clicked Solutions did more for our SEO in two months than our previous company did in an entire year! Unique visits, time spent on site, and most importantly sales are all up. They are always available and always work hard to quickly turn any problem, no matter how big or small into a solution. It's a really great feeling to see your site at the top of the search results, thanks Clicked Solutions."
Shop Mimi Green
"Clicked Solutions has been fantastic for my law firm!    They created my website over a year ago, and have worked to increase my client base for over year.  I could not be more satisfied with how well they have performed.   They are very knowledgeable and very courteous.  I would highly recommend them!"
Morrison Bankruptcy
“Clicked Solutions quickly facilitated a call rate of at least 5-7 calls the first day they implemented their advertising campaign for my new law firm. Clicked Solutions has a great understanding of the legal market and key words and phrases, as well as the best sites to advertise on. Their in depth knowledge of family and criminal law has enabled my small business to transition to a growing and profitable law office. ”
The Law Office of Nora V Law
“They have guided us step by step and made this a very easy process. They have truly cared about growing our business and helped us to achieve our goals. I would recommend Clicked Solution to any company that has wanted to grow their business with internet marketing.”
Medical Journal Houston
“The difference we have seen since Clicked Solutions started handling our SEO/PPC has been monumental! The individual attention we have received has been great. Our phones are ringing and our website traffic has more than doubled. I recommend Clicked Solutions to anyone I talk to that is ready to see results.”
Everhart Construction
"Our law firm spent several years trying several of the the big name legal marketing companies, we saw very little results in our search engine rankings and in our business growth. Then we found Clicked Solutions their strategy took us from invisible to page one for numerous target keywords and phrases to the top of the search engines in both local and organic searches. I would highly recommend Clicked Solutions to anyone."
Simmons & Fletcher