A Dedicated Professional

A paid search team with an unrealistic work load cannot deliver results, so we give every Clicked Solutions search manager a finite, manageable number of clients to serve. This approach allows DAILY supervision of your campaign, and it is the defining factor in our company’s, and our clients’, success.

Transparency, Fairness and Ethical Practices

You will never wonder how much of your money is being spent, which keywords are driving new client signups, and which keywords are needlessly burning through your budget. Your campaign is not automated. Real people are “behind the wheel,” initiating real-time reactions to daily changes in campaign performance. Our actions are timely and our reporting is detailed, accurate, and results-driven.

Frequent and Open-Ended Communication

Our collaborative approach to client communication means you have the ability to contact your paid search team manager at any time to discuss your campaign. From our initial setup to our monthly management reports, you’ll hear from us often for clear, direct and jargon-free exchanges.

Specific Solutions for Specific Challenges

In the world of paid search, one size does not fit all. From budgets, locations, hours and pricing, we address each client’s unique business needs. Because every business is different, we offer flexibility and customization to ensure your desired results. Whether you need more in-depth local targeting or want to target a greater number of search engines, Clicked Solutions can provide a creative approach and a solutions-oriented remedy for your business.

A Proactive Posture, An Analytical Eye

Although we welcome input from our clients, the responsibility of detecting a decrease in call/sales volume and implementing a solution falls squarely on our shoulders. We consistently review your daily lead volume, and if calls are slow, we’re on it. Plus, if our paid search team feels that your website needs conversion improvement or discovers other avenues of generating new business, we’ll provide that advice free of charge.

Our Industry’s Top Tools and Gadgets

Optimum performance for our clients is our only goal. From researching the competition to examining user behavior, we invest in the tools and technology necessary to keep our clients at the cutting edge of innovation. We promise to keep you a step ahead of the other guys, because that’s where we live.

The Latest Industry Scoop, Chatter and Buzz

If it’s happening in our world, we’re on top of it. New tactics, new tools, new best practices – we make them our business. We live on boards and blogs where search marketing is the topic, and when we’re not leading the conversation, we’re influencing it. That means great “recon and intel” for our clients.

Results, Relationships and Renewals

As the operator of your business, you’re looking at sales volume. We are, too. We’re interested in building long-term relationships and we’re confident that as we generate new business for you, you’ll see the value in our services. Mutual success leads to longevity and an extended, rewarding association.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the discovery process?

    Understanding our client’s business is the first step. We want to know more than locations or budget. We want to know what makes you tick. What is the most profitable service or product you offer? How do we properly advertise your brand? Are there any trade associations or organizations like the state bar or medical board dictating what you can or cannot say?

    Keyword Research and Targeting: We research and discover keywords that potential customers are using in search engines to find your business. We can audit your competition and use the many tools available to us to generate a detailed keyword list that ensures a successful campaign.

  • What is a negative keyword?

    This is a facet of a Google ads campaign that most novices and so-called ‘experts’ do not use. Without negative keywords you have a hole in the boat. If you are selling red running shoes, you do not want your ad showing up for red high-heeled shoes or red horseshoes, do you? That is why we do the upfront negative keyword research and figure out all the keywords that should not trigger your ad. This is probably one of the most important aspects of a campaign and the most overlooked. We’ve built our business with clients in the medical, legal, oil and gas, and warehouse and shipping industries and we already know what works and the best way to make the phones ring.

  • How do you optimize ads and extensions?

    Your business has one chance to engage the potential customer and that’s your ad. We review your business and pick your brain for the best offers and messages to drive new business. We have the ability to add locations, services, coupons, and any other information that should show up with every ad. This includes call-outs and varying ad text to test the highest converting ad. We also ensure that the proper keywords and phrases are used to ensure relevancy of ad text, ad groups and landing page text.

  • Can I target specific devices or time of day for ads?

    From location targeting to hours and devices, we will create a unique campaign that matches your budget and goals. Whether it is mobile-only campaigns or a mix of desktop and mobile we have the experience to curate a campaign that will beat the competition and add revenue to your bottom line. Some businesses thrive between 10 and 3, others take lunch between 12 and 1. We can maximize your budget based on your unique operation.

  • How will I know if its working?

    Most clients realize the phones are ringing more within hours or days after starting a campaign. From call tracking to e-commerce data, we setup a unique dashboard for every client. All changes, budgets and strategies are recorded and analyzed. We use tools like Callrail, DashThis, Google Analytics, SEMrush, WordStream and more. Our ultimate goal is to create a report that helps you understand the performance and ROI of your campaign.

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