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Specializing in paid search for the legal profession.

Specializing in paid search for the legal profession.

Online searches by consumers for legal advice customarily begin with keywords related to an area of expertise in a particular city or state. Whether they are looking for plumbers or pediatricians, people want the right people for the right job. Common sense dictates that it’s better to choose a specialist than a “jack of all trades.” True professionals, not part-timers, are preferred. And that is exactly how you should choose a paid search marketing agency.

The paid search managers at Clicked Solutions are Google-certified and have years of experience managing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Our specialty is PPC marketing for the legal profession and we have successfully researched, launched, and managed cost-efficient campaigns that delivered measureable results for scores of attorneys. That means inquiries that generated leads and, ultimately, legitimate cases. We’re ready to replicate that success for you.

Our track record is impressive, and our passion for our clients’ financial health is uncompromised. We welcome our role as guardian of your investment, checking your campaign multiple at regular intervals throughout the day to ensure that your expenditures are paying off. We know that you need calls and inquiries to grow your practice, not just spreadsheet details.

Here’s what your Paid Search Campaign money buys you from Clicked Solutions:

    • A Dedicated Professional Assigned to Focus on Your Practice: A paid search team with an unrealistic work load cannot deliver results, so we give every Clicked Solutions search manager a finite, manageable number of clients to serve. This approach allows DAILY supervision of your campaign, and it is the defining factor in our company’s—and our clients’—success
    • Transparency, Fairness, and Ethical Practices:
      You will never wonder how much of your money is being spent, which keywords are driving new client sign ups, and which keywords are needlessly burning through your budget. Because your campaign is not automated, real people are “behind the wheel” initiating real time reactions to daily changes in campaign performance. Our actions are timely and our reporting is detailed, accurate, and results-driven.
    • Frequent and Open-Ended Communication:
      Our collaborative approach to client communication means you have the ability to contact your paid search team manager at any time to discuss your campaign. From our initial setup to our monthly management reports, you’ll hear from us often for clear, direct, and jargon-free exchanges.
    • Specific Solutions for Specific Challenges:
      In the world of paid search, “one size does not fit all” and that is especially true with law practices. Because every law firm is different, an element of customization may be required to ensure your desired results. Whether you seek more in depth reporting or wish to target a greater number of search engines, Clicked Solutions can provide a creative approach and a solutions-oriented remedy for your practice.
    • A Proactive Posture, An Analytical Eye:
      Although we welcome input from our clients, the responsibility of detecting a decrease in call volume and implementing a solution falls squarely on our shoulders. We consistently review your daily lead volume, and, if calls are slow, we’re on it. Plus, if our paid search team feels that your website needs conversion improvement or discovers other avenues of generating new business, we’ll provide that counsel, free of charge.
    • Our Industry’s Top Tools and Gadgets:
      Optimum performance for our clients is our only goal. From researching the competition to examining user behavior, we invest in the tools and technology necessary to keep our clients at the cutting edge of innovation. We promise to keep you a step ahead of the other guys, because that’s where we live.
    • The Latest Industry Scoop, Chatter, and Buzz:
      If it’s happening in our world, we’re on top of it. New tactics, new policies, new practices—we make them our business. We live on boards and blogs where search marketing is the topic. That means great “recon and intel” for our clients.
    • Results, Relationships, and Renewals:
      As the operator of your law practice, you’re looking at lead volume. We are, too. We’re interested in building long term relationships and we’re confident that if we generate new business for your law firm, you’ll see the value in our services. Mutual success leads to longevity and an extended, fruitful association.

A final word from Clicked Solutions:

Many of our clients experimented with other legal marketing companies before coming to us. Their results were less than satisfying, and these companies failed to deliver any significant improvement in new client sign ups. Once our plan was in place, they noticed a huge difference in call volume and, just as importantly, in our level of service and expertise.

Here’s a fact you can depend on: Our paid search campaigns will generate more calls, more leads, and if you do your part, a bigger case load. It’s that simple. No gimmicks, no empty promises, no fluff, no high pressure sales pitch. We are a team of quality search marketing experts who love helping lawyers pursue their dream. Isn’t it about time you spoke with a pro that has the same level of talent and experience in their field that you possess in yours? Call us today.