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Pinterest Welcomes Businesses with Open Arms

Have you been using a regular Pinterest account to promote your business?  Pinterest has finally released the launch of Pinterest for Business.  You need to log in to your account now and convert it into a business account to take advantage of the new features available exclusively for businesses.  Their new business application gives insight into their new business plan…read more →

Rumors Swirling About Apple’s Interest in The Fancy

Apple is rumored to be courting “The Fancy” CEO Joseph Einhorn, an acquisition that would give Apple major e-commerce leverage.  The Fancy is a social bookmarking site, where users can bookmark picture links of things they “fancy”, want to buy, or want to sell.  Sounds familiar right?  Isn’t that a Pinterest “pin” you say?  Not exactly. The two sites, while…read more →

Increasing Online Sales with Pinterest

Pinterest has grown enormously in the last year, with millions of avid users pinning products, pictures, and other things they like on a daily basis.  Pinterest is one of the best free ways to increase traffic on your ecommerce site.  Internet Marketing and SEO companies can do a lot of helpful things to promote your site and increase your traffice. …read more →