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Search Marketing for your Law Firm

Target Your Customers with Unbeatable Precision

Pay as you go each month. No long term contracts required. Measurable results you can see.  

Local Search Marketing is a fundamental strategy for online marketing success. It’s a tactic that’s designed to drive local traffic to your law firm website, allowing you to target customers by the city or zip code they live in.

For local law firms, having an effective local search marketing campaign is essential. After all, if customers can’t find you, you won’t ever earn their business.

That’s where Clicked Solutions can help. We can develop and implement a local search marketing campaign that helps your website get found by a geo-targeted audience.

How Local Search Marketing Works

Google (and the other major search engines) have become increasingly focused on providing searchers with the most relevant and useful results possible. In many cases, that means tailoring the search results based on the user’s location.

By using proven, innovative techniques, Clicked Solutions helps your law firm  increase your geographical presence in the search engines, driving local traffic to your website. We can target specific cities relevant to your service area, making it easier for your target audience to find your business.

Search Marketing Services for Your Law Firm:

  • Search Engine Optimization  – Every day, your customers are searching online for the services your law firm has to offer. If you’re not turning up at the top of the search results, you’re losing business. Period. Our SEO services will help you climb the search rankings and thrust your business to new heights.
  • Pay Per Click Marketing  – Pay per click marketing is one of the most cost-effective advertising tools available today. By displaying your ads only when they are relevant to the searcher’s interests and paying only whenever someone actually clicks on your ad, you have the ability to target your ideal customer with laser-like precision.
  • Local Search Optimization – Target your customers geographically with unrivaled precision with our local search optimization strategies. With Google Places optimization and other local search marketing tactics, you can target your customers no matter where they are.

How We Measure Your ROI

We meticulously gather data through multiple channels so we can accurately measure the ROI of your search marketing campaign. Here’s how we do it:

  • PPC & SEO Tracking—We use a range of advanced tools to monitor how much you’re paying per click on your PPC ads, how much traffic your website is getting, what percentage of visitors are converting into leads and sales, how well you’re ranking in the search results, and so much more. With all of this information, you’ll be able to clearly track the ROI of your PPC and SEO efforts.
  • Call Tracking—By creating unique phone numbers for your ads and landing pages and using advanced call tracking software, we can accurately track how many phone call leads are being generated from your online marketing campaign. This allows us to optimize your advertising spend and route your leads more effectively.
  • Email Tracking—Do you know how many email leads are being generated through your website? We’ll setup accurate email tracking so you can easily measure and manage your leads in real-time.
  • Google Analytics—Our Google Analytics services will help you better understand how users find your website and how they interact with it once they arrive. This gives us the best analysis of your website, allowing us to make the right changes to boost your conversion rate and drive your ROI to its limit.

Why choose Clicked Solutions?

  • Pay as you go each month
  • No long-term contracts required
  • Measurable results you can see