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SEO Tips for Small Businesses

SEO 101: The Essentials As a Houston SEO professional, people often ask me how they can best help improve their website’s ranking on Google.  While I can try to offer as much insight as I can in passing, the truth is that SEO and SEM are long-term Internet marketing... Read More

Apple and Yelp Unite to Battle Google

Apple announced recently that it will team up with Yelp for Apple’s iOS6, to be released this fall.  This is a crushing blow to Google, who control a substantial control of the search engine market.  Instead of mobile customers using Google search as a default, Siri... Read More

Facebook Marketing for Lawyers

I began using Facebook a few years back, quite hesitantly I must admit. I was at first a little bewildered by the privacy settings and worried whether I had everything set up properly. The more I used my personal Facebook account the more I grew to understand and appreciate... Read More

Online Accounting for Small Business Owners – No More Quick Books

Out with Quick Books, in with Fresh Books! All you need is your Browser, email address and a small budget. As small business owners, we are so used to hearing the word Quick Books when it comes to Small Business accounting. The majority of us have tried it and could not wrap... Read More