What is Search engine optimization?

There have been some major changes in the world of SEO and one of the biggest shifts has been the growth of local SEO. This is an important strategy because local SEO allows smaller, mom and pop businesses to compete with larger corporations. There are a few tags in searches that will alert Google that it needs to pull up local results. Some of the triggers include town names, city names, zip codes, and any searches that include “near me.” Because local SEO is still relatively new in the world of digital marketing, some companies are still looking for ways to use these strategies to help them conduct a digital marketing campaign.

Consistency Is Key

One of the most important tips for leveraging local SEO from Google is to maintain consistency. Specifically, those who want to use local SEO on Google need to claim their “Google My Business” listing. This is the first step. Then, they need to review their information in this listing to make sure it is accurate.

Once this is done, the next step is to find other online directories where the business might be listed. Specifically, review the business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP). The NAP information has to be correct in online directories and the information has to be consistent. Otherwise, Google will be reluctant to rank it in its local SEO rankings. Google might not know which information to display if it is inconsistent.

List Local Inventory

Since Google rolled out its local SEO services, it has been constantly updating it, trying to improve the algorithm. One of the recent changes to the Google My Business profile (mentioned above) is the ability to list all of the available inventory and business information. In essence, Google provides businesses with an opportunity to build a local storefront for the company. This makes it easier for local customers to spot the business on the internet.

Businesses should take advantage of this opportunity and list products and services that are available at the physical store. List these on the Google My Business profile. Potential customers can see what the store offers, the store’s hours, and even get directions. This is another way for companies to attract customers and grow their businesses using the power of local SEO.

Build a Strong Network

Finally, it is also important to partner with powerful influencers and connectors. These are marketers that use the power of social media to promote certain products and services. For example, if there is a new product or service the business is offering, partner with an influencer to promote those products or services. Consider having a giveaway or a free raffle. This will immediately generate news on the internet, which is always good for local SEO.

Leverage the Power of Local SEO

These are a few of the important tips to keep in mind when it comes to local SEO and the world of Google. Google is always looking for ways to improve its algorithm, so be sure to jump on these local SEO trends quickly.