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Pump Up Your Page Speed With Google’s New PageSpeed Report

There could be more problems with your website than you realize, including the time it takes to load pages. Long load times are off-putting to online visitors, especially to those who have data caps. If your site is running slower than those of your main competitors, you... Read More

How To Choose A SEM Agency That’s Best For You

In this day and age, having digital marketing plans in place can go a very long way for the growth of your business. However, there are many digital marketing strategies to consider—and these strategies are constantly changing. If you’re looking to develop the right... Read More

Is Page Speed Undermining Your SEO?

How Does Page Speed Affect SEO? Page speed is one of those facets of web development that we tend to forget until we're frustrated waiting for a page we need to finish loading. Somehow, even a 404 error seems less infuriating than watching a progress bar slowly crawl across the... Read More