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Page Rank does not help with rankings

Earlier today I was doing the usual, searching for articles on Search Engine Marketing. I ran into some very odd replies to someone asking how long does it take for Google Page Rank to update. Here are some of the replies below. Anonymous poster 1 "There's no point in... Read More

Link Buildling for the DIY Internet Marketer

I have worked with quite a few small businesses and other professionals and this is a skill that many have yet to master. Basic HTML skills can help you do some of your own internet marketing.  Furthermore, this will save you money and time by not having to call your webmaster... Read More

Got SEO Conversions?

This is going to be quick. SEO is also about visibility, user-friendliness, navigation, availability and crawlability (i think I just made this word up). Whether or not your keywords are ranking on page one or not, you are probably getting some type of traffic. Here are a few... Read More

Google Maps – Local Business Listings Optimization

Looks like Google is at it again. We just found out that Google is allowing Business Owners to Enhance their business listings in Houston, TX and San Jose, CA. This new services is specifically called "enhanced listings" and it will allow a business to stand out on Google Maps... Read More

Joomla SEO DIY Guide to SH404SEF

Confused and don’t know which Joomla component/module you need to use for Joomla? This topic will cover search engine optimizing a Joomla 1.5 website. If you build it they will not come! The web or shall we say Google is filled with billions of results. These results are... Read More