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You can base your judgment about a company on a number of factors, but the best indicator of your chance for success is the proper balance of talent, skill, experience, and time. That’s right, time. A company with an unrealistic workload cannot make you a priority unless you are the “squeaky wheel.” Vendors focused on building vast client lists without attention to quality become reactive instead of proactive. Their people are stressed, physically and intellectually exhausted, and they miss things. Sometimes little things, and sometimes not so little things.

At Clicked Solutions, we don’t take on more work than we can handle and as a result, our clients’ wheels don’t “squeak”. They run smoothly as a result of our well-oiled technology and systems. We pick our projects carefully to ensure that we deliver measurable, cost-efficient results for our clients. And we don’t skimp on people, tools, or the hours needed to get the job done.

Most importantly, we focus on search marketing because that’s where we started and that’s what we know. We are good at what we do and we can help people who come to us in earnest, hungry for success and ready to win. Honesty and transparency are our guiding principles and we adhere to a strict code of ethics. If you have questions, we’ll “open the books” anytime and show you how and where your money is being spent.

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