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Facebook or Instagram: Who Owns You?

Facebook buys Instagram, Instagram publicly claims ownership of user information, Facebook announces that it’s selling access to you for a dollar. What!? Santa will not be visiting Facebook or Instagram this year, not with their dubious behavior so close to the holidays.  Facebook is both loved and hated throughout the country, but one thing’s for sure: everyone is using it. …read more →

Pinterest Welcomes Businesses with Open Arms

Have you been using a regular Pinterest account to promote your business?  Pinterest has finally released the launch of Pinterest for Business.  You need to log in to your account now and convert it into a business account to take advantage of the new features available exclusively for businesses.  Their new business application gives insight into their new business plan…read more →

SEO Tips for Small Businesses

SEO 101: The Essentials As a Houston SEO professional, people often ask me how they can best help improve their website’s ranking on Google.  While I can try to offer as much insight as I can in passing, the truth is that SEO and SEM are long-term Internet marketing campaigns that require a lot of time, strategy, and diligence to…read more →

Rumors Swirling About Apple’s Interest in The Fancy

Apple is rumored to be courting “The Fancy” CEO Joseph Einhorn, an acquisition that would give Apple major e-commerce leverage.  The Fancy is a social bookmarking site, where users can bookmark picture links of things they “fancy”, want to buy, or want to sell.  Sounds familiar right?  Isn’t that a Pinterest “pin” you say?  Not exactly. The two sites, while…read more →

Responsive Mobile Websites New Standard for Google and Mobile SEO Practices

On June 7th, Google finally gave the world some more insight into what type of mobile website design its mobile crawler prefers.  Disagreements over whether a dedicated mobile site separate from the regular site is better than a responsive website design that uses CSS3 mobile queries to convert websites into a custom device-specific format are finally settled.  Well, responsive websites…read more →

Increasing Online Sales with Pinterest

Pinterest has grown enormously in the last year, with millions of avid users pinning products, pictures, and other things they like on a daily basis.  Pinterest is one of the best free ways to increase traffic on your ecommerce site.  Internet Marketing and SEO companies can do a lot of helpful things to promote your site and increase your traffice. …read more →

Enjoy Ranking Stability After Panda

No Penguin or Panda Penalties Here  The Panda update rolled out in April of last year, while the Penguin update is much more recent. Neither update to Google’s website ranking algorithm caused a drop in any of our clients’ rankings.  This is because we do not employ shady black hat SEO practices that would attract the attention of the search…read more →

Good Times in Houston–Titanic Dinner at Charivari

I spend a lot of time on the computer, so I jump at the chance to get out and enjoy some of the unique events that make Houston so awesome. This Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending one of the coolest events I have ever been to in Houston. The Houston Museum of Natural Science sponsored a Titanic Dinner…read more →

Apple and Yelp Unite to Battle Google

Apple announced recently that it will team up with Yelp for Apple’s iOS6, to be released this fall.  This is a crushing blow to Google, who control a substantial control of the search engine market.  Instead of mobile customers using Google search as a default, Siri (Apple’s operating system) will integrate Yelp’s user reviews and turn by turn maps to…read more →

Facebook Marketing for Lawyers

I began using Facebook a few years back, quite hesitantly I must admit.  I was at first a little bewildered by the privacy settings and worried whether I had everything set up properly.  The more I used my personal Facebook account the more I grew to understand and appreciate it. With Facebook users now surpassing 900 million, it is absolutely…read more →